Top 5 Vegan Late Night Eats in Milwaukee

Top 5 Vegan Late Night Eats in Milwaukee

In my never ending quest to track down the best late night eats in MKE, here it is… the Top 5 List of the best vegan food found after dark in Cream City. These five places never cease to amaze, always satisfying that craving well into the night. Coming in at Number 5…

5) Classic Slice
Classic Slice is a staple of the Bay View neighborhood. With its delicious massive sized slices, you can pop in for one or take a whole pie to go. Available with a house made cheeze, or a more traditional Daiya vegan cheese–build your own and satisfy that pizza urge down on KK Ave. Top faves include the Vegan Pesto Pie, The Vegan MKE, and if you want to share a side, try the amazing ‘Modern Love” salad–one of the best in the city. They often have vegan desserts too. Can’t go wrong with Classic Slice! 

4) Ian’s Pizza
Let’s keep rolling with the pizza, shall we? Ian’s edges in at number 4 due to locations available (East Side and Downtown) and tons of vegan topping options to choose from. Create your own or grab one of their crazy pre-made slice inventions available anytime of the day or night. How can you go wrong when you have that amazing crust, house-made vegan ranch, and vegan sausage, chick’n and pepperoni to choose from. Go with the Hurley, Smokey the Bandit or Philly cheezesteak–and you won’t be disappointed. Be sure not to forget the breadsticks too–so good! 

3) Palomino
You’ll find a nice collection of vegan comfort food options here and a full bar if that’s what you’re into. From black-eyed pea falafel to bbq jackfruit and buffalo cauliflower wings, you’ll find something you love.

2) Comet Cafe
OK- let’s be realistic. If you’re vegan and have never been to Comet, drop what you’re doing and get down there. Seriously, now. A pinnacle of vegan culinary creations, Comet has been around for years and gets better with each one. With so much to choose from, the must haves include the Vegan Deep Fried Ribs, The Big Boss Burger, The French Dunk, The Reuben and that Vegan Mac (I’d recommend adding giardiniera for a kick). They also offer vegan cupcakes and pie! Now, if only they could make a vegan version of their classic Buttafuoco…(ahem, hint, hint). Food is served until midnight every night. Go kick back and relax at Comet–it can get busy, but always worth the wait! 

And finally, coming in at the Number 1 spot for best Vegan late night eats, is….

1) Vanguard
A must visit for any vegan late night cravings–especially after a few rounds across the city. Vanguard is a well-known Bourbon, Whiskey and Sausage Bar. With a whole entirely separate vegan menu, most everything will blow your mind. From vegan buffalo poutine and chili cheeze fries to the burnt ginger tofu appetizers, vegan house-made chorizo and Italian sausages with specialty toppings and an amazing house-made “dirty burger,” Vanguard’s creations are something to celebrate. Not every place can pull it off like Vanguard does and they do it consistently time and time again. Get fantastic late night vegan comfort food in the heart of Bay View!

Obviously, there are other places in Milwaukee with late night vegan food, but these are the best in my modest opinion. In the meantime, here’s a full list of restaurants serving vegan food after 10pm to help fuel your late night activities.

So, to all you vegan late nighters out there: Get to eatin’–there’s plenty to go around!


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