About Vegan Milwaukee, established 2010

​This website is a resource that aims to help local and visiting vegans find the best restaurants, stores, services, events and organizations that support and promote the vegan lifestyle. Its presence also represents the exponential growth in demand for vegan foods and services to the business community, hopefully encouraging even more vegan-friendly options.

Hi! I’m Colleen and I’ve lived in the the Milwaukee area my whole life. I currently reside in the Bay View neighborhood in the city of Milwaukee. I’ve been vegan since late 2004 and vegetarian since 1998. In that time I’ve seen the options available expand significantly to the point that there have been rumors that Milwaukee just might be the next up-and-coming vegan destination. Not only do we have a variety of groups dedicated to animal rights and veganism, but also tons of great options at restaurants and natural food stores.

Our goal with this site is to provide a single point of contact to help all those groups and restaurants get the word out to local residents (old and new) and visitors to the area. We also want to show local businesses that we have a significant number of vegans in the area and encourage them to provide options for us. The whole point of the site is to serve the community, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, ideas, comments, complaints or anything else!

I’m lucky enough to have my husband join me in the effort to spread the vegan word in Milwaukee too!

Hi, my name is Ricky and I moved to Milwaukee from Dallas, TX in 2011. I have been vegan since 2016 and was vegetarian before that since 2013. Switching to an entirely vegan lifestyle has been an extremely enriching experience for me and definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. After going vegan and continuously educating myself on matters of cruelty and injustice, I am keenly aware of the many ethical issues facing the world today and the unnecessary exploitation of animals. Being a guy born, raised and living in the South for most of my life–surrounded by dairy and meat–I recall the slow process of learning about veganism through friends. I have always loved animals and knew deep down that the culture we live in has exploited them for reasons no living thing should have to endure and give their lives for. Between that compassion for animals, protecting the one planet we call home, and bettering my own health; I knew in my heart going vegan was the right thing for me to do. My mission is to help anyone interested in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle get the resources they need to help themselves, the world, and all living beings.