New Website!

New Website!

When planning this new website back in fall of 2019, I could have never imagined the situation we’re in now. There was excitement around creating this new experience for the thousands of visitors that were anticipated for the Democratic National Convention, Summerfest, and all the other festivals and events. It didn’t turn out how we planned, but we hope it helps support our local businesses as much as we can during these strange times.

At this time, the primary focus goes to our collection of restaurants offering to-go orders during the COVID-19 “Safer at Home” situation. If you have the ability to support local businesses, please do!

Following are some additional features of the new site.

Individual Business Pages

The new site has individual pages for each business or organization, which allows us to list more specific details like hours and links to their social media. The hope is to partner with some of these businesses in the future to share even more valuable information here.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Now that each business has it’s own page, it allows us to categorize and tag them to make searching for what you need even easier. Looking for gluten-free options in Bay View? You can find that! We have categories for Restaurants, Organizations, and Services (includes Shopping). Beneath those there are subcategories like food trucks, salons, sanctuaries, catering, and much more. Tags help us narrow down the search by type of food and other offerings. Region allows us to search by the area of town we’re in. Try searching restaurants now.


We finally have the ability to list reviews for businesses. Please always be respectful, but share your feedback and tips for fellow vegans, so they can have the best experience possible. In order to submit reviews, you have to register for an account. The experience isn’t the most user friendly, but once you’re set up, you shouldn’t have to log in for awhile.

Work in Progress

Like everything, this pandemic through a wrench in our development of the site, so there are things we’re continuing to work on. We’re still tweaking some of the layout and features. We’ll roll out an Events page once people are out and about again. We’ll add new restaurants as new vegan options are added. One thing I learned from this process of manually entering each organization is that Milwaukee is very vegan-friendly! There are over 250 vegan-friendly businesses and organizations in our database, with 180+ being restaurants.

Restaurants & Organizations: Let’s Connect!

If you own a local vegan-friendly business that’s not listed here yet, please contact us and we’ll add you. If you are listed, but want to share additional details in your listing, reach out to us and we’ll arrange an update. We’re working on making this process easier in the future.

Thank You!

Thank you to all the local vegan-friendly establishments for making Milwaukee even better!

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